Black community history in Nottingham by Dr Denise Amos

Abdullah Binmoosa, 1945.



Bassetlaw Museum, Welchman Collection of photographs. Contains pictures of Caribbean males taken in 1945. Look under RETBM: e12018, e12068, e18583,e19260,e5171, e8527, e11210, e11212.

Nottingham Local Studies Library.( www.picturethepast). Also has access to photographs etc from other repositories.

Nottinghamshire Archives. Contains some photographs including photograph of Enoch Waller (possibly chaplain to Saxondale Hospital) 20 the century PR28573.
CA.PO 4/18/3/p63. Police records. Photograph of Guillame Leaverez, 1900.
Newstead Abbey. Photographs of Chuma and Susi.