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William Booth Birthplace Museum

Booth's typewriter
Booth's typewriter.

Visits to the Birthplace Museum at 10-14 Notintone Place, Sneinton, Nottingham are by appointment, both for individuals and groups, where visitors can learn about William Booth, his family, the community which shaped his formative years and the history of The Salvation Army. Visitors can see rooms where the family lived and view personal items of Booth and his family.


The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre

The museum at The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre at the William Booth College, Champion Park, London, is open to the public Tuesday-Friday 9.30am-4pm and is free of charge. The museum focuses on the history and work of The Salvation Army internationally, including its origins and development, opposition, music, social work, and emergency response.

The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre holds a wide variety of material relating to William Booth. Some of this is described in the Heritage Centre’s on-line catalogue ( but it is also recommended contacting the Heritage Centre for more information on its holdings (