Luddites by Professor John Beckett


Poster produced in Nottingham in 1811 appealing for informants.
Poster produced by Nottingham Corporation in 1811 appealing for informants.



Writings of the Luddites edited by Kevin Binfield (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004) includes the following documents:

Transcripts of these items can be found on his Luddites and Luddism website.

The Luddite Bicentenary Blog 1811-1813 provides information and transcripts of key documents on a day-by-day basis.

There are two letters about the Luddite riots from Henry, 6th Baron Middleton and the 4th Duke of Newcastle transcribed and printed in K S S Train ed, A second miscellany of Nottinghamshire records, Thoroton Society Record Series, vol XIV (1951), 22-24.


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