The Mayflower Pilgrims and the Nottinghamshire Separatists by Adrian Gray


The Bassetlaw Museum, Retford

The museum has a special gallery devoted to the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims Gallery has two sections: one part is a reproduction of an early 17th century study (like the one that would have existed at Scrooby Manor when William Brewster lived there) and the other is an exhibition space.

Through a mirror on the study wall, visitors see Brewster recounting four stories: his early life in North Nottinghamshire; the reasons why the Separatists wished to break away from the Church of England; the life the Pilgrims experienced in Leiden, Holland and finally, the journey aboard the Mayflower and their later life in America.

URC Church, Gainsborough

There is also a small display (The Mayflower Room) at the URC Church, Gainsborough.

Headon and Gamston

Historical displays can also be found at Headon and Gamston, the latter dealing with Baptist history.