Robin Hood by Stephanie Stephenson

Robin Hood's Hills
Robin Hood's Hills and Robin Hood's Chair as depicted on John Chapman's Map of Nottinghamshire (1774).


The nature of the Robin Hood legend means that it is hard to find maps related directly to the outlaw’s historical movements. However it is possible to look at the areas in which he was reported to have lived and so to gain an impression of the relationship he might have had with the surrounding areas. Maps can also enable us as to view the effect that the legend has had on the landscape over the years, in terms of place-names featuring the prefix ‘Robin Hood’.

These represent some of the earliest extant maps relating to Sherwood Forest and are to be found in the Manuscripts and Special Collections department of the University of Nottingham:

 In addition useful maps are contained within:

The map included on this website, describing the Haunts of Robin Hood, gives an interesting perspective of the proximity of Robin Hood’s two key settings, as well as providing a key to significant place-name features:

Robin Hood Outlaw Legend of Loxley shows an extract from the ordnance survey map, picturing the legend’s Yorkshire home: