The Sherwood Foresters in World War I by Dr Denise Amos


2/8th Batallion, The Sherwood Rangers Regiment, marching the front line in France.
Men of the 2/8th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters Regiment, marching the front line in France.


Picture the past

There are a large number of images of the Sherwood Foresters on the Picture the Past website:

Imperial War Museums

There are 41 photographs relating to the Sherwood Foresters Regiment in World War I in the Imperial War Museum collections:

National Army Museum

The museum collections holds a number of photographs of the regiment in World War I:

Film & video

A Terrible Beauty (2013). A thousand men from the Sherwood Foresters  thought they were going to France to fight in the First World War. Instead they found themselves in Dublin being attacked by Irish Volunteer during the Easter Uprising 1916.