Mansfield by Denis Hill

Extract from White' Directory of Nottinghamshire, 1832.
Extract from White's Directory of Nottinghamshire, 1832.



A full set of county Trade Directories, which include Mansfield, are available on microfiche at several locations. Borough & District Council minutes can be located at the Mansfield library. Newspapers are available on microfilm from 1856. Mansfield entries from earlier newspapers have been transcribed and published by David Bradbury, many of which can be found on Several Degree dissertations/theses have been written about the town, which can be found at There are numerous articles and essays that have appeared in various magazines and journals a bibliography of which can be found ‘A Nottinghamshire Bibliography: Publications on Nottinghamshire History Before 1998’ by Michael Brook.


Probably the best overview of the town’s history, up to the early Victorian era, is found in three volumes. The first two being written by A. S. Buxton originally entitled ‘Mansfield in the Eighteenth Century’ and ‘Mansfield One Hundred Years Ago’ but renamed upon reprinting to ‘Historic Mansfield Volume 1 & Volume 2’. The third book being authored by David Bradbury from the extensive notes of A. S. Buxton, entitled ‘Early Mansfield’, and covers the periods preceding the other two volumes. Following on from the Buxton books the Old Mansfield Society has published several volumes that concentrate on specific topics such as: Pubs, Cinemas, Industry and the Courts etc.

A list of books and articles on aspects of Mansfield's history is available on the Nottinghamshire Bibliography Online.