Papplewick Pumping Station by Brian Loughbrough et al

Inside the Boiler House (photograph © Martine Hamilton Knight).

Inside the Boiler House (photograph © Martine Hamilton Knight).



Nottingham University Manuscripts Department. The Records of the City of Nottingham Water Department, and other material from the Hucknall Road Office of the Severn Trent Water Authority, 1852-1978 (R/HR) include a large number of plans including several relating to Papplewick Pumping Station.  A catalogue of this material was produced several years ago and more recently attempts have been made to enhance some of the descriptions and to add new catalogue descriptions of the material which was acquired from the same source after the original catalogue was produced. The material is fully available to the public (with the exception of some plans which are very fragile). Material acquired since the catalogue was completed will not be available until it has been catalogued.

You may find it useful to look at the new water resources pages on the web site.  From the home page at choose online resources and then water resources.  These pages provide more details about all our water related collections and include links to our online collection level records for the two collections mentioned above.

The current cataloguing work we are undertaking on the records from Hucknall Road will lead to the entire catalogue eventually becoming available online.


Nottingham University Manuscripts Department. In addition to the two main collections mentioned above, NUMD has some material relevant to Papplewick Pumping Station amongst family and estate collections. In the Portland London Collection there is a copy of an agreement between Andrew Montagu and the Nottingham Waterworks Company (Pl E 12/11/10/18) concerning a pumping station and water supply at Papplewick and references to the agreement are included in a bundle of correspondence concerning the Nottingham Corporation Water Act, 1897, etc.; 1897-1903 (Pl E 12/11/10/28-123).  More detailed descriptions of these records are available on the online catalogue.