World War One in Nottinghamshire by David Nunn


War memorials

Retford war memorial.
Retford war memorial.

The United Kingdom National Inventory of War Memorials website lists over 640 entries for WWI memorials in Nottinghamshire:

Fine examples include:

Clipstone Camp

“An extensive network of World War I practice trenches and remains of brick and concrete buildings in Clipstone Forest” associated with Clipstone Camp (see the PastScape website for futher information).

Hucknall Aerodrome

A site with phases as a military airfield and as a civilian airfield. The airfield was first constructed as a World War One Training Depot Station, between 1916-1918, opening in 1918. Two pairs of Belfast truss aircraft hangars survive from this period and are Listed Buildings (see the PastScape website and the Wikipedia entry for futher information).