D H Lawrence by Andrew Nicholson


Map of the Eastwood area in 1900
Map of Eastwood in 1900
Maps of Eastwood and the Eastwood area in 1900 (click on the images to view larger versions of the maps).

Lawrence’s works are heavily autobiographical and ‘the experiences of his early years in Nottinghamshire continued to exert a profound influence throughout his life.’ The following books provide detailed guides to the area:


The area around Eastwood provides the main settings for his ‘Midlands’ novels, namely The White Peacock, Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow, Women in Love and Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and features to a lesser extent in Aaron’s Rod, Mr Noon, The Lost Girl and many of his short stories. Lawrence famously described the area ‘The Country of my Heart.’

Lawrence’s homes in Eastwood

Lawrence was born at 8a Victoria Street on 11th September 1885. It is now the D H Lawrence Birthplace Museum. More information about the museum and opening hours are available on the D H Lawrence Birthplace Museum website.

The Lawrence family subsequently moved to other properties in the town:

Hagg’s Farm

Hagg's Farm in the 1920s.
Hagg's Farm in the 1920s.

Hagg’s Farm, near Underwood, was the home of the Chambers family and Lawrence was a frequent visitor to it from 1901 to 1908. The family, the farm and the surrounding countryside provided the inspiration for his first novel, The White Peacock, and later Sons and Lovers. The farm buildings have been demolished but the farmhouse remains. It is on private land and access is not permitted.

A selection of photographs of Haggs Farm is available on the Into the Breach website.


Other buildings

Congregational Chapel in the 1920s
Congregational Chapel in the 1920s

42 Moorgreen Road, Moorgreen
42 Moorgreen Road, Moorgreen

Lawrence family grave

The Lawrence family grave is located in Eastwood Cemetery. Family members buried here are William Ernest Lawrence ('Born July 22nd. 1878, Died October 11th. 1901'), Lydia ('wife of Arthur Lawrence, Born July 19th. 1852, Died Dec. 9th. 1910'), and Arthur ('Died Sept. 10th. 1924, Aged 77 years').

D H Lawrence is commemorated at the bottom of the grave marker:

Also David Herbert Lawrence,
Beloved Son Of The Above,
Novelist, Poet and Painter.
Born Sept. 11th. 1885
Died at Vence, Mar. 2nd. 1930.


Church cottage

Home of Louisa Burrows, to whom Lawrence got engaged shortly before his mother's death in December 1910. The engagement lasted until the following year when he called it off. Louisa (commonly known as 'Louie') met him at the Ilkeston Pupil-Teacher Centre in 1905 and lived here until 1908 when the family moved away.


Nottingham High School, c.1910

Nottingham University College, c.1905

Nottingham High School

Lawrence won a scholarship to Nottingham High School in 1898 and attended the school until 1901 when he took up employment as a clerk in a surgical goods firm, Haywood’s in Castle Gate, Nottingham.

Nottingham University College

Lawrence passed his scholarship exam for Nottingham University College in 1905 but lack of money meant he had to postpone starting college until the following year. He left in 1908 without taking his degree (because he could not afford to carry on studying) and was offered a teaching job in Croydon.