Tollerton by Denise Amos



Extract from 1915 Ordnance Survey 6" to 1 mile map.
Extract from 1915 Ordnance Survey 6" to 1 mile map.

George Sanderson’s Map of the country twenty miles around Mansfield, originally published in 1835, covers most of Nottinghamshire at a useful scale of 2¼ inches to 1 mile (showing fields, individual buildings, roads, industrial sites, parish and township boundaries, etc) has been produced by Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Library Services:

A wide range of Ordnance Survey maps from the 1840s to the present day are available at Nottinghamshire Local Studies Libraries and Nottinghamshire Archives. The earliest large scale (25" and 6” to the mile) coverage dates from the 1880s and an online digital archive of these maps for the whole county is accessible through the Old Maps website:


Tollerton village in 1683.Tollerton village in 1683.

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