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Local history societies

Countywide societies

The Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire is the county’s principal historical and archaeological society. It has a long pedigree, having been established in 1897. It is named in honour of Dr Robert Thoroton who published the first history of Nottinghamshire in 1677. The Society’s aims are simple: to promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the history, archaeology and antiquities of Nottinghamshire, and to support local research and conservation.

Website: www.thorotonsociety.org.uk

The Nottinghamshire Local History Association was formed in 1953 to bring together people and organisations interested in all aspects of local history in the county. The Association's aim is to keep members in touch with current developments in local history and to this end two day-schools covering a wide range of subjects are held every year. The Nottinghamshire Historian is published twice a year and members receive a copy of each issue as part of their subscription.

Website: www.local-history.co.uk/nlha/

Nottinghamshire local history societies

Many towns and villages in the county have a local history society. Contact details are maintained by the Nottinghamshire Local History Association website:

Family history societies

"The Nottinghamshire Family History Society exists to bring together all who are interested in family history research, to help in the preservation and indexing of local genealogical records, and in the copying and publishing of such records."